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Sin Chew Alarm Pte Ltd is registered under Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Registry, Specialist Workhead : ME04- Grading L2 for the Communication & Security Systems/Solutions that we offer. We are accredited with ISO 9001:2015 since Year 2005.

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Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems are the vigilant guardians of your security infrastructure. Our IDS offers real-time monitoring, swiftly detecting and alerting to unauthorized access or suspicious activities. With advanced sensors and intelligent analytics, it provides a proactive defense, ensuring a rapid response to potential threats. 

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Empower your security with our CCTV Solutions. Our cutting-edge cameras and surveillance systems provide 24/7 monitoring, delivering crystal-clear images and real-time alerts. Whether safeguarding homes, businesses, or public spaces, our CCTV solutions offer remote access, intelligent analytics, and scalability. Elevate your surveillance capabilities with technology designed for clarity, control, and peace of mind.

Access Control Systems

Our Access Control Systems utilise fingerprint recognition, facial scanning, and other biometric technologies in addition to traditional card access technology for foolproof access authentication. Enhance your security with precise and reliable identification, ensuring only authorized individuals gain entry. Experience a seamless and futuristic access control solution tailored to your needs.

Intercom and Communication Systems

Stay connected and secure with our Intercom Systems. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, our systems facilitate seamless communication and controlled access. With user-friendly interfaces, crystal-clear audio, and integration capabilities, our Intercom Systems provide a reliable solution for streamlined communication and enhanced security. Elevate your access control and communication experience with our cutting-edge intercom solutions.

Automated Gate and Barrier Systems

Efficiency meets security with our Autogate and Barrier Systems. Designed for controlled access to premises, these systems offer seamless entry management for residential and commercial spaces. Our solutions combine robust physical barriers with advanced automation, ensuring secure and convenient access control. Experience reliability and peace of mind with Autogate and Barrier Systems, where safety meets convenience for a smarter, more secure environment.

Network Systems

Power your connectivity with our Network Systems. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, our solutions optimize data flow, enhance communication, and support seamless integration of security systems. From scalable infrastructure to advanced configurations, our Network Systems ensure a robust foundation for your security and technology needs.

Integrated Security Management

Elevate your security strategy with Integrated Security Management. Our comprehensive approach combines diverse security systems seamlessly, creating a unified defense against potential threats. From CCTV to access control, our integrated solutions offer centralized monitoring, intelligent analytics, and swift response capabilities. Experience enhanced efficiency and heightened protection with a tailored, interconnected security infrastructure. 

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